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DuoKomp company was established in 2005 by persons with a long time IT experience. For the time past since the company's founding, we have specialized ourselves in development of software and software associated projects characterized by innovation and technological advancement.

Our company's offer can be divided into 5 main subgroups of products, all of which are innovative and customer oriented solutions utilizing the most up to date technologies.

Downloadable business software

This part of our offer is addressed to the relatively largest group of customers. Our applications aiding sales management, invoicing and accounting are based on experiences and expectations of thousands of their users. Thanks to this, they have always belonged to the best solutions of their classes available on the market and have been creating new standards of a user-friendly software. The result has been an ever growing number of their users.

Individual software solutions

We develop individually designed software accordingly to customer provisioned specifications. It is based heavily on our proprietary frameworks with a long history of development and improvement, so we are able to deliver user friendly, reliable and efficient software solutions. These are mainly CRM-like systems supporting management of various processes in a company. Nevertheless, as our frameworks are very comprehensive and elastic, they allow us to build a wide variety of customized software.

Business security & computer forensics

In a strict cooperation with business counterintelligence specialists, we offer IT infrastructure audits and implementations of IT security procedures, particularily to addresses threats like intellectual property theft and industrial espionage. Alongside the prevention of these kinds of abuse, we also provide services to obtain and secure digital evidence of criminal or otherwise unlawful activities which have already taken place (computer forensics).


We can design websites of companies and organizations, varying from simple sites with a few static subpages up to complex CMS based ones. Another option is an integration of an individually developed CRM-like system with a webstite supplementing the former - a typical example is a combination of a sales management CRM with an on-line shop.